I never travel anywhere without bringing my mobile Altar.
My travel altar consists of an object of, my crystals; Rose Quartz (open heart), Black Tourmaline (Protection), and Nag Champa or if not Lavender or Frankincense room spray.

Altars create a comforting atmosphere from a cold hotel room to my own home, as they act as grounding anchor for me.

In the past, I have recommended that clients create alter which represent them, for example, a friend has small objects by the kitchen sink, this is an alter representing her fun /inner child side and this creates a feeling of calmness and joy.
My love of altars come from witnessing my mother’s altars of Catholic saints, and prayers. In the book Beautiful Necessity, the art and meaning of women's altar - by Kay Turner I saw so many altars from South American to Senegal.

I have several altars in my home, so here are some ideas to create or enhance an existing altar in your home.


For the bedroom crystals that will help with sleep or create passion is good, statues or pictures of goddesses (that resonate such as OSHUN/APHRODITE or YEMENJA etc pictures plants such as sunflowers, roses etc.
For the Living room choose stones that represent harmony, I love clear quartz, agate or any blue stone that promotes communication.
For the Kitchen use objects of nourishment and stones that aid with relaxation and aids digestion such as Citrine.

Your altar can reflect any mood or energy you wish to create so choose intuitively and research the properties of crystals to prevent having incorrect objects in your sacred space.

Hope this works let me know what you think.

Marilyn 'your wellbeing is paramount'


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