On Maintaining creative energy (my Juju ain't for sale).

“ juju- jungle speak for magic, or good luck! “- Urban dictionary”

The above definition is totally incorrect by the way.
When I talk of magic I am referring to surrender something bigger than myself a trust in the power of the Creator.

Magic to me is the dialogue between myself and the universe when I acknowledge and appreciate the unique gifts bestowed upon me in this life.

The highs and lows of my life weave together like a powerfully woven tapestry crafted by my ancestors themselves, each thread has a prayer or blessing bestowed to me and reminding me of my purpose here on eARTh.

When we are truly in alignment, brave and have a child like an approach to our life we invite more magic and serendipity, some would say we live a charmed life.  I would say a trusted life.

Feeders/ Psychic Vampires
Because of the- the energy emitted from the  'Charmed life' can be addictive it will attract the attention of those who need to capitalize on one's energy without giving back. I call such people  'Feeders'.  Who can be a Corporation, Race, Friend or even Foe (wearing the guise of a friend)?

Feeders normally feel or have very little sustainable or authentic energy of their own and in some cases this is true.  I find that feeders come into my life when I am thriving in my creativity.   Passion is intense and it can make your Juju look easy,  so to keep the work or trend alive the feeder needs continuous contact with you and this is where they often start violating boundaries.

The key is the catch this dynamic in the conception stage otherwise, burnout will follow.  I have recently experienced a Feeder coming into my life and trying to overstep some boundaries.  I have now reset the boundary line and my creative and personal space, Distance, dialogue or dismissing the vampire is the only options that will prevent a 'snowball effect' happening.

In terms of intellectual property and feeders i.e. corporations if somebody is interested in your work then they see the return they can make from you.  Do not allow an external source that has no respect for you as a person or race to determine the value of your product.  Lastly, Feeders will always take your creative ideas and claim it as their own.

I am learning the art of containment and I am creating a ring around my energy and my work because my Juju is mine and not for sale.

Space clearing / Boundary Spray

To strengthen your personal power.

Essential Oils

Basil: Clears the space and creates a boundary with crowds and disagreements.

Rosemary  (Do not use if you have Epilepsy) this oil is good for empaths who need to keep a boundary also good for the hair, so I spray around my crown areas before workshops or going out into the world.

Lavender: A general psychic protection oil that I use between clients or workshops.

100mls spray bottle filled with 75mls of Base Rose water or Distilled water.

Spray around your abdomen, heart and head area before you leave the house or after any disagreements and this will center you.

You can also use 1 drop of each oil in a bath as a general spiritual aura cleansing bath.

Use regularly imagining that you are creating a healthy boundary between you and the outside world.

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