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Musings: The Ritual Of Hair

Hair! Oh how we fixate on it. Culturally our hair is our pride we adorn it, beautify it and wax lyrical on it.

But could our hair be more than I’m a firm believer as hair as energy. Our hair is an extension of our nervous system and is believed to balance the entire body....just like our hair absorbs products could our hair absorb lunar and solar energy? Some say yes. And if this is true then perhaps it can also absorb negative energy. I personally believe it can hence why when I’m around new people and situations I tend to cover my hair with either a wrap or a wig. It’s just another way of protecting and shielding yourself from negativity....others energy isn’t your responsibility so why not shield yourself from it?

Adornment is also a huge part of my day to day rituals, which is in our blood. When I wash or braid my hair I tend to fall into a meditative state this is the perfect time for me to connect with the ancestors. Our Hair-itage has been passed down from genera…

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