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On Maintaining creative energy (my Juju ain't for sale).

“ juju- jungle speak for magic, or good luck! “- Urban dictionary”

The above definition is totally incorrect by the way.
When I talk of magic I am referring to surrender something bigger than myself a trust in the power of the Creator.

Magic to me is the dialogue between myself and the universe when I acknowledge and appreciate the unique gifts bestowed upon me in this life.

The highs and lows of my life weave together like a powerfully woven tapestry crafted by my ancestors themselves, each thread has a prayer or blessing bestowed to me and reminding me of my purpose here on eARTh.

When we are truly in alignment, brave and have a child like an approach to our life we invite more magic and serendipity, some would say we live a charmed life.  I would say a trusted life.

Feeders/ Psychic Vampires
Because of the- the energy emitted from the  'Charmed life' can be addictive it will attract the attention of those who need to capitalize on one's energy without giving back. I c…

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